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Witchcraft Music is the Pagan Music project ofAlfred Surenyan. This project started in 2006 as a means of research, study, organization, and practice of the music of the Neo- Pagan Community. This website serves as a resource for the project. On the menu bars there are links to individual areas of work. The left side is practice as done by Pagans. The right side has links to the online store, Articles and blogs, a list of Professional Pagan Musicians, the history and facts on Pagan Music. The continued growth of this project will be published in two books: 1) Practice 2) History

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The materials presented on this website is for anyone who wishes to learn more about Pagan Music. Please enjoy your visit andemailme for any comments, suggestions, or ideas. This is an ongoing project that is very much in "need" of the input of the Pagan Community. It is a "vital" part of the project because without the people there would be nothing to study, research or practice.

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